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Below is a list of the procedures we routinely perform; it would be difficult to list every single one so we have included only those most frequently performed. 


Please get in touch should you need to discuss your horse's needs.



Pre-purchase examinations

We regularly carry out 2- and 5-stage vettings in the UK, mainland Europe and the Republic of Ireland.


Lameness examinations

We can perform a vast array of diagnostic and treatment procedures at the horse’s premises.

Chase 1

Poor performance examinations

Diagnosing and treating issues before they become obvious by working with owners, trainers and riders. Our goal is to optimise your horse's health, fitness and performance.


Diagnosis & treatment of back pain

Neck, back, pelvis and sacroiliac issues are frequently a cause of poor performance and lameness. We can perform a complete assessment at your premises.




We all carry portable, wireless x-ray machines in our vehicles which means we can radiograph your horse even in the middle of a field.




Ultrasound scanning is vital for diagnosing a large number of musculoskeletal conditions affecting joints, tendons, muscles and ligaments.

videoscope - upper respiratory endoscopy

Respiratory tract endoscopy & surgery

Endoscopy allows us to assess the upper and lower respiratory function of your horse.



We have our own in-house laboratory to assess your horse's health and monitor its fitness.  We aim to deliver results to you on the same day of collection.



Horse's eyes can suffer from a wide array of problems and, often, these need rapid intervention.

Neurological examinations

Neurological examinations

We can perform a neurologic examination at your premises, generally coupled with diagnostic imaging in order to localise the site of trouble.




We offer 24/7 emergency service to our clients. We are ALWAYS at the end of the phone for you.


Regenerative medicine

We can produce blood-derived, regenerative products, namely platelet rich plasma (PRP) and interleukin receptor antagonist protein (IRAP), in our in-house laboratory.



Mesotherapy is used to treat neck, back and pelvic problems. It is widely used in human medicine and recently was adapted for veterinary use.

Axelle shockwave back

Shockwave treatment

Shockwave treatment has a painkiller effect; it also produces a very low-grade inflammation in the target area, which as a result drives an increase in blood flow and consequent delivery of healing factors.




Radiographs help farriers to recognise and deal with issues such as unbalanced feet, deep infections, white line disease, and laminitis cases. 


Routine dental work

We can perform routine dental examination, teeth rasping and simple tooth extractions at your premises.



A stomach scope is the only way to establish if your horse is suffering from ulcers. The procedure is quick and straightforward, with virtually no complications, and performed at your premises. 



All horses, ponies and donkeys should be regularly vaccinated in order to prevent some serious and potentially life-threatening diseases. 

Horse Whisperer

​Geriatric medicine 

As your horse or pony ages, their need for attentive routine care grows.


We are here to help.

Cyro surgery


Cryosurgery involves using liquid nitrogen at a temperature of approximately -200°C to freeze pathologic tissue.

Sarcoid face

Treating sarcoids

Often sarcoids can be removed surgically or by ligation. However some cases are more complex and require more advanced treatment.

Horse head stable

Exporting horses

We can organise the export of horses to all parts of the world.

Mare rolling foal watching




We answer common questions around using our services, paying bills and making use of insurance. 


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Register your horse(s) with us. 

LASER IN ACTION_edited.jpg

Laser surgery 

Laser removal of skin masses, mostlysarcoids. 


Reproductive services


We are excited to now be able to offer reproductive services to our clients.


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