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Our bread and butter, with particular emphasis on horse racing. 


By definition, sports medicine is the branch of equine medicine that deals with exercise-related injuries. 

Besides diagnosing and treating existing injuries, we work with owners and trainers to help optimise horses' fitness and performance whilst ensuring any potential problems are detected early and treated rapidly.


This involves a complete examination and understanding of the horse. Whilst most sports-related injuries involve bones, ligaments and muscles, internal causes of poor performance should not be underestimated: respiratory tract, stomach and heart problems also play a paramount role which can make the difference between 1st and 2nd place.


We are able to diagnose these conditions at your premises: we all carry state of the art diagnostic equipment which ensures we leave no stone unturned.


We keep a vast range of medications in our vehicles, ensuring that we can provide your horse the most effective treatment on site with no delay.

Specialists we work with
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