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Sarcoids are skin tumours; therefore they have to be treated with respect. 

They are persistent and progressive skin lumps that occur mainly around the head, in the axilla and the groin area, as well as developing in wounds where they can be confused with ‘proud flesh’. 

Sarcoids are caused by bovine papilloma virus (BPV); it appears that some horses are more genetically susceptible than others for the virus to cause sarcoids.

It is possible that sarcoids spread contagiously and this is something that has worried some people, but, as yet, the ability for sarcoids to be transmitted by either direct horse-to-horse contact or indirectly by flies is unproven.

Often sarcoids can be removed surgically or by ligation (i.e. by placement of a rubber ring at the sarcoid's root, with the aim to 'strangulate' the mass blood supply). However, some cases are more complex and require a more advanced treatment.

We use the services of Emeritus Professor Derek Knottenbelt in the treatment of complicated sarcoids.

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