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Mesotherapy is used to treat neck, back and pelvic problems. It is widely used in human medicine and recently was adapted for veterinary use − in fact, it gained popularity following use by the French rugby team.


Mesotherapy involves injecting into the mesoderm, which is the deep layer of the skin, using very short, 4mm-long needles. Three to four rows of injections are performed on each side, along the back or the neck, using a specific multi-injector rack. This results in visible skin bumps, which are naturally reabsorbed within 6−12 hours.


Its mechanism of action is neurological and not pharmacological. In other words, the effect depends on the site of injection rather than medication used. That’s the reason why we perform mesotherapy using sterile saline solution, which is basically water.


It provides pain relief by numbing some of the nerves around the vertebrae and ligaments of the spine. As a result, the horse will experience a reduction in perception of back pain, an increase in mobility, and therefore, trainability.


Mesotherapy can be performed by itself or in combination with other treatments.


It normally takes 7−14 days to achieve a full response. Mesotherapy should last 4-6 months, so multiple sessions can be planned each year according to the competition schedule.


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