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Lameness Investigations


We perform lameness examinations at your yard, which saves you money as you don’t have to transport the horse to a different location. We can perform a vast array of diagnostic and treatment procedures at the horse’s premises.


A lameness exam includes a clinical examination in the stable, followed by trot ups, flexion tests and lunging exercise if needed. Occasionally we may need to see the horse being ridden. Depending on the issue affecting your horse, different diagnostic procedures will be performed, including nerve blocks, radiographs, ultrasound scans etc. 


We will then recommend appropriate management and/or treatment and advise on the prognosis for the injury, if any.

Each of us carries full diagnostic equipment in our vehicles. This means we can x-ray and scan your horse immediately at your premises and proceed with adequate treatment.


In complex cases, advanced imaging might be required (bone scans, MRI and CT scans. In such circumstances, we use the services provided by veterinary hospitals in Newmarket. Luckily, this happens in a very limited minority of cases, indicating that, in the majority of circumstances, we are able to diagnose and treat your horse at home.


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