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Video scope



Endoscopy involves the use of optics to examine internal body cavities such as the respiratory tract, the stomach, the bladder and the uterus. In general equine practice, mainly the respiratory tract and the stomach are scoped.


With reference to the respiratory tract, we carry 2 different types of scopes to assess the function and health of your horse’s respiratory tract; a fibre-optic scope and a videoscope.


  • We use the fibre-optic scope mainly to assess lower respiratory health; in other words to establish if the lungs of your horse are ok or not. This scope is quite long and allows us to collect samples, such as tracheal aspirates, directly from the windpipe. These samples are routinely collected from racing thoroughbreds.

  • We use portable, wireless video-endoscopes that allow us to examine, visualise on screen and record the upper respiratory tract of your horse, mainly the larynx, the windpipe and the nasal passages. This allows us to establish a diagnosis should there be any issues affecting your horse’s wind.

Video scope



We perform a number of minor respiratory tract surgeries, namely soft palate thermocautery (firing) and Hobday procedures. We use the services of specialist respiratory surgeons for all the rest.

Specialists we work with
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