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It’s been a busy month for all of us: horses are now back in training, there’s plenty happening and we’re all looking forward to a busy season.

We are almost all Covid vaccinated by now so that’s great news, fingers crossed we will not hit another bump in the road as I’m pretty sure you all agree, we just want to go back to normality, and live music. And race meetings.

On the subject, please make sure all your horses are up to date with flu vaccinations. We recommend vaccinating for both Flu and Equine Herpesvirus for all horses in current work. There is a pretty cool little app on BHA website that will calculate correct vaccination dates for you - give it a try, google BHA VACCINE CALCULATOR and it will take you to the BHA page where all you’ve got to do is punch in the relevant dates. I use it all the time as I can’t remember which day of the week it is let alone how many days are in each month, so it makes life a lot easier.

As mentioned in the previous our newsletter, we purchased a surgical laser. It’s well cool and works great but comes with great responsibilities, more or less like being Superman. David from Excel Lasers was quite thorough in explaining to us all the safety measures that need to be in place when operating it as, if pointed towards someone’s eyeballs, it will fry the retina on the spot! That’s why you’ve got to wear goofy shades whilst operating it.

Here is a picture of Axelle cutting some girth and armpits sarcoids off. Also here is a picture of Superman showing that lasers are not something to mess with.

We will follow this newsletter with a nice little article about sarcoids that Axelle is finishing as we speak.

Our approach will remain open minded though: you might be familiar with the so called “Liverpool cream” which we’ve used extensively in the past, following the wise guidance of Prof Knottenbelt. Well, we will still be using this cream in the future despite me having to repay for the above mentioned laser.

Each sarcoid is a bit different and picking the right treatment giving us the best long term outcome is paramount therefore, a combination of treatments is sometimes necessary. To make an example, you can laser remove a sarcoid lump but not a large flat one, but anyway stay tuned and have a look at Axelle’s little piece which will be emailed to you in the next couple weeks. It will also be available on our website if you want to download it in PDF format, there should be a link there in the next few days.

Weather is slowly but surely changing towards autumn: leaving home early in the morning, as usual, days start off when it’s still darkish out there. Definitely not looking forward to those cold dark days in February but hey-ho someone’s gotta get out there to save those horse lives.

We are glad to inform you that, amongst all the other veterinary magic we do, we will be offering general thoroughbred stud work but also chilled / frozen semen repro work! Shauna will be in charge of all of that; so if you are planning on having a lovely Irish sport horse colt or filly, look no further!

Give us a call and we will be happy to help. This is an entirely new service for us and we are keen on taking more work onboard. Spread the word!

For myself, well I’m getting old monotone and predictable as Emily says so I will probably stick to my old bag of tricks keeping horses sound and going. Work has led me to meet lots of lovely people and over time most of these have become some of my dearest friends so I can surely say that I’m happy to leave in the morning early, basically to visit friends premises and work with them trying to produce successful horses. Could be a lot worse I guess.

Emily has booked us a holiday mid November as I haven’t taken her on holiday in the last 4 years (the closest thing was in fact taking her to the Doncaster Spring sales in 2020 as my assistant… that didn’t go down well) so I will be away for a week 8th to 15th November. But Axelle will be around dealing with all your dramas so no panic.

Unfortunately I have already been forbidden from taking my guitar on holidays so I hope there are plenty of water sport options out there to keep me busy.

Anyway, back to work now, catch up soon.


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